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Introduction of M.I.C.E

As MICE events are known to have value-added effects and economic influence on the related industries, the government is showing increasing interest and support for them.
In order to successfully host international conferences and MICE, one needs a managing partner. LimoTour provides the Total Solution, or services for the entire process of managing such events, supported by the know-hows of experienced professionals and attentive customer care.

If you have troubles or financial concerns for organizing the event, you can also request LimoTour to manage a part of the task. We will provide the best service customized for you in order to fulfill the requested task as well as to achieve the best result of the overall project.

Experienced staffs of LimoTour can help you host, plan, and conduct high quality conferences.


  • The process of organizing the event

  • The process of comprehensive planning

  • Meetings with VIP TRAVEL’s professionals for detailed event plans and preparation

  • Budgeting, negotiating with and selecting sponsors, arranging the programs of conference

  • Setting administrative plans & detail management plans-suggesting the best options and budget

  • Conducting the event - arranging event hall, setting a database of prospective participants, registering and preparing lodging, customer care for VIP management,

  • escort

  • service, reserving hotel and vehicle, arranging private guide and staff, planning publication, designing, printing, managing administration

  • office, advertising & marketing, coordinating translators & interpreters

  • Planning and conducting official social events

  • Conducting event rehearsal and examining of the overall service

  • Execution

  • Reporting to the client after the event

  • Feedback

24Hours Reservation

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