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Arrival! We are on the way to the bus stop for DMZ with our English guide

A meeting between the kings of North Korea and South Korea. Many of these pictures were on displayed at Dorasan Station.

It's a photo zone that you have to take when you go to the DMZ

My friends and I are on our way to Dora Observatory. It's really exciting to see North Korea in front of my eyes.

Since the travel agency specialized in the DMZ tour, it was easy to decide because in the brochure there are course schedules description are detailed.

This is the third tunnel. You can't take pictures inside, so this is a picture of our guide only in front of the fake model. After the tunnel expedition, I felt like drinking water was the best.

After all the DMZ tours, we got off at Myeongdong. I had a great time touring in a luxury van.

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